Minerva Leading the Neophyte to the Temple of Learning by Lucretia Champion Bacon

Object ID:
Made by Students
watercolor on paper
Lucretia Champion Bacon (1783-1882)
Held at:
Litchfield Historical Society
Associated Place:
Litchfield, CT
12 3/4"length x 14" width
Picture depicts Minerva and the Neophyte with temple in background. Right portion of the composition shows a very solid brown trunked tree with foliage rendered in pointilliste technique. Figures to left of tree are clothed in drapery which has some three dimensional quality but anatomical and facial features are distorted and flat in execution. Minerva, at right, wear a plumed helmet over her black hair and a cuirasse and chain mail apron over a flowing white robe and a gold cape. Neophyte is dressed in virginal white and leads an anemic looking sheep on a pink ribbon towards the Temple which is perched on jagged rocaille and approached by a serpentine path. The building seems to be a melange of architectural styles rendered in blue and white. Framed under glass.

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