Memorial Embroidery by Mary Ann Huntington and Alza Huntington

Object ID:
Mary Ann and Alza Huntington
Made by Students
Silk, ink and watercolor on silk
Mary Ann Huntington and Alza Huntington
Held at:
Stephen and Carol Huber
20 ½ x 17 ½ inches framed
This memorial embroidery was begun by Mary Ann Huntington and finished by her younger sister Alza Huntington after Mary Ann died in May of 1805. The inscription at the top of the memorial picture reads "This piece of Embroidery was begun by Mary Ann/ Huntington who died 21st May 1805 in the 16th year/ of her age and finished by her sister Alza to commemorate/ the memory of the deceased."

The inscription on the gravestone reads "HER Hand first drew these blooming flowers, Which now her silent Tomb adorn; Pass yet a few more fleeting Hours, Some fleeting Hand may deck my Urn."

Mary Ann and Alza were the youngest of Daniel and Sibyl (Tomlinson) Huntington’s nine children, all born in Woodbury, CT. The memorial embroidery provides the only link between the two sisters and their possible attendence at the Litchfield Female Academy.

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