George Gibbs III

Other Name:
George Gibbs III, Colonel Gibbs
January 7, 1776
August 6, 1833
Home Town:
Newport, RI
Later Residences:
Sunswick (Ravenwood), NY
Laura Wolcott Gibbs (December 27, 1810)
Biographical Notes:
    George Gibbs III was born on January 7, 1776 to George Gibbs II. and Mary Channing Gibbs. His father was a successful merchant in the West Indes and China. In 1796, Gibbs was sent by his father to study the mercantile business in Canton, China. During his travels, Gibbs studied in Europe and went to Lausanne, Paris. In Paris he studied mineralogy with Heinrich Struve and bought Jean Gigot d'Orcy collection in 1804. Gibbs was fascinated by minerals and became friends with prominent leading European mineralogists: Francois Gillet de Laumont, J.F. d'Aubuisson, and Count de Bournon.
    In 1805, Gibb's collection grew too large and he stored it in a house near his Newport mansion. The same year, the Governor of Rhode Island appointed Gibbs as "Aide de Camp" ...
Additional Notes:
The mineral, Gibbsite is named after George Gibbs

Other Education:
Attended Yale

Profession / Service
Other; West Indies Trade
Benevolent and Charitable Organizations:
Vice President of Geological Society in New Haven, CT
Vice President of New York Lyceum of Natural HIstory

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Secondary Sources:
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