Archibald Gracie

June 25, 1755
April 11, 1829
Home Town:
Dumfries, Scotland
Later Residences:
Liverpool, England
New York, NY
Petersburg, VA
Esther Rogers Gracie (1784)
Biographical Notes:
   Archibald Gracie was the son of a Scottish weaver. When he turned twenty-one in 1776, he moved to Liverpool, England to clerk for a shipping firm. In 1784, he invested in a merchant ship and sailed to New York City. There he invest in a mercantile company and later bought into the tobacco business in Petersburg, Virginia.
   In 1793, Gracie returned to New York and became a commissioner merchant and ship owner of his own business; Archibald Gracie and sons, East India Merchants He became very close business partner with Alexander Hamilton and friends with John Jay. (the second governor of New York and President of Continental Congress.)
  Gracie was a member of the Tontine Association, supervising stocks and expanded his business in insurance ...
Additional Notes:

Profession / Service
Business; Insurance; Trade

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Secondary Sources:
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