Noah Webster

October 16, 1758
Home Town:
Hartford, CT
Rebecca Greenleaf Webster (1789)
Biographical Notes:
Noah Webster was born on October 16, 1758 in the West Division of Hartford. Webster grew up in an average colonial family - his father farmed and worked as a weaver, while his mother worked at home. At the time, few people went to college, but Webster enjoyed learning so much that his parents sent him to Yale, Connecticut’s first college. He left for New Haven in 1774 when he was 16 and graduated in 1778. He wanted to continue his education by studying law, but his parents could not afford to give him more money for school. After thinking about his options, Webster began working as a teacher. In 1789, Noah married Rebecca Greenleaf, the daughter of a rich man from Boston. During their long marriage, they had eight children and numerous grandchildren. The family lived in New Haven, and then ...

Other Education:

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