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Eugene West Stiles

Later Residences:
Shawsville, VA
Seneca Hollow, VA
Caroline Anderson Stiles (unknown)
Rosabel Bolling Stiles (unknown)
Biographical Notes:
Eugene West Stiles was the son of Joseph Clay Stiles, a student of the Litchfield Law School in 1817. Stiles was married twice during his lifetime. His first wife was Caroline B. Anderson of Shawsville, Virginia. Stiles' second wife was Rosabel Bolling of Montgomery County ,Virginia. Following his second marriage Eugene acquired a farm in Seneca Hollow, Virginia. Throughout his life he served as a minister and also worked as a farmer, and had nine children (one from his first marriage, and eight from his second). He was a veteran of the Confederate Army and attended the 50th reunion at Gettysburg. He and his wife Rosabel are buried in Sunset cemetery in Christansburg, Virginia.

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