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Hannah Bunce Hudson

Other Name:
Hannah Bunce Cotton, Hannah Bunce Watson, Hannah B.Watson, Hannah Hudson
December 28, 1749
September 27, 1807
Home Town:
Lebanon , CT
Later Residences:
Hartford, CT
Ebenezer Watson (1771)
Barzillai Hudson Sr. (February 11, 1779)
Biographical Notes:
Hannah Bunce (Watson) Hudson was first married to a man of the last name "Cotton" with whom she had a daughter. A widow at the young age of 21, she remarried Ebenezer Watson, editor of the Connecticut Courant (known today as the Hartford Courant). Together, they had four children but Ebenezer passed away from smallpox in 1777.

Despite being a woman, Hannah continued to run the newspaper as editor and handled the finances while George Goodwin, her business partner, did printing. She is known as the first female publisher in the colonies, but it is noted that many women participated in running newspapers. Her participation and dedication to keeping the newspaper running was pivotal for the American Revolution. Tories, colonist favoring the monarchy, burned down the mill, ...

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