Edward Deering Mansfield

Other Name:
Edward Dering Mansfield
August 17, 1801
October 27, 1880
Home Town:
New Haven, CT
Later Residences:
Marietta, OH
Cincinnatti, OH
Margaret Worthington Mansfield (April 24, 1839)
Mary Peck Mansfield (April 25, 1827)
Biographical Notes:
Edward Deering Mansfield was the son of Jared Mansfield and Elizabeth Phipps of New Haven, CT. While in Litchfield, he boarded with Mrs. Lord. After attending the Law School, Mansfield moved west to southern Ohio. He became interested in writing and publishing. In 1826, he and Benjamin Drake did a study of Cincinnati, OH to try and promote its settlement. The following year they published Cincinnati in 1826.

In 1826, Mansfield also became the editor of the Cincinnati Chronicle, which after several merges and name changes, ultimately became the Cincinnati Daily Gazette. He worked as an editor for various periods until his death.

Mansfield also spent many years working as a publisher. In 1834, he published Political Grammar, a widely used school ...
"One of the first objects which struck my eyes was interesting and picturesque. This was a long procession of school girls, coming down North Street, walking under the loft elms, and moving to the music of flute and flagolet. The girls were gaily dressed and evidently enjoying their evening parade, in this most balmy season of the year. It was the school of Miss Sally Pierce, whom I have mentioned before, as one of the earliest and best of the pioneers in American female education. That scene has never faded from my memory. The beauty of nature, the loveliness of the season, the sudden appearance of this school of girls, all united to strike and charm the mind of a young man, who, however varied his experience, had never beheld a scene like that."

Regarding his arrival in Litchfield, ...
Additional Notes:
On August 7, 1826, after visiting Mary Peck, who was to be married in the fall, Ann Elizabeth Landon and Charlotte [Landon] Livingston wrote to Mary F. Beecher:

“Mansfield has been sick with a fever but is recovering fast.”

Helen D. Perkins Collection Stowe-Day

Years at LLS:
Other Education:
Attended Military school in Connecticut, entered West Point Academy in 1819, and graduated from the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) in 1822.
Room and Board:
Mrs. Lord's, across the street from Dr. Beecher

Profession / Service
Lawyer; Editor; Business; Educator; Political Office
Admitted To Bar:
1825 in Litchfield County Court
State Posts:
Commissioner of Statistics (OH) 1858-1868

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Litchfield Eagle, October 6, 1823.

Catalogue of the Litchfield Law School (Hartford, CT: Press of Case, Tiffany and Company, 1849).

Mansfield, Edward Deering, Personal memories, social, political, and literary, with sketches of many noted people, 1803-1843, Cincinnati, R. Clarke & co., 1879. (can be found on the Library of Congress and Yale University database)
Secondary Sources:
Mansfield, Horace. The Descendants of Richard & Gillian Mansfield who settled in New Haven, 1639. H. Mansfield, 1885.

Venable, William Henry, Beginnings of Literary Culture in the Ohio Valley:Historical and Biographical Sketches. R. Clarke & Co., 1891.

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