Mary Sutton Catlin

Other Name:
Polly Sutton Catlin, Mary Sutton, Polly Catlin, Mary Catlin
September 30, 1770
July 15, 1844
Home Town:
North Castle, NY
Later Residences:
Wyoming Valley, PA
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Windsor, NY
Brooklyn, PA
Montrose, PA
Great Bend, PA
Delta, NY
Putnam Catlin (June 2, 1789)
Biographical Notes:
Mary "Polly" Catlin was born in North Castle, NY in 1770. Her father was a merchant and a Quaker, and at the onset of hostilities with England removed with his family to Western Pennsylvania where he operated a saw and grist mill. The family moved several times through the land disputes and Pennamite Wars, eventually returning to Exeter. Despite his Quaker roots, Mary's father embraced Methodism and was a religious leader there. He was also Justice of the Peace. Mary and her mother were said to have been captured by Indigenous people at the surrender of Forty Fort during the battle of Wyoming. She married Putnam Catlin in 1789 and had fourteen children.

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