Thomas Collier

Later Residences:
New Haven, CT
Binghamton, New York
Elizabeth Stockwell Collier (unknown)
Biographical Notes:
Thomas Collier was a printer and editor. He apprenticed in Boston, MA but left the city during the Revolutionary War. He worked in Litchfield and New Haven, CT; Bennington, VT; and Troy and Binghamton, NY. Thomas and Elizabeth Collier were Litchfield residents from 1784 to 1808. Times in Litchfield were difficult for the family. As a printer, the income Thomas generated was often insufficient to cover the expenses of his business and 11 children. Additionally, a history of illness often prevented Collier from publishing his newspaper, the Monitor as often as expected. While this newspaper was only one of many items printed by Collier, it was the object of much community support. In a time of partisan rancor, many of the town’s leading citizens were Federalists and welcomed a venue in which ...

Profession / Service
Editor; Business

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