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Henry Seymour (1780-1837)

May 30, 1780
August 26, 1837
Home Town:
Litchfield, CT
Mary Forman Seymour (1785-1859 )
Biographical Notes:
Henry Seymour held important public offices in the state of New York, including the offices of State Senator, Canal Commissioner, and Mayor of Utica. Prior to his death, his last held office was that of the President of the Farmers' Loan & Trust Company of New York.
On the morning of August 26, 1837 when Henry was fifty-six years old, he died by suicide, shooting himself at half past 8 o'clock in the morning.
"For several weeks previous it had been observed by his family and some of his friends that he was partially derranged, and his singular conduct had excited their apprehensions. The usual strength and soundness of his intellect, and the calmness of mind and decission of character for which he was conspicuous, had been palpably impaired; and, althouhg occassionally subject during his life to a depression of spirits, arising from bodily infirmities, he was perceived lately to be more than ever a sufferer from hypochondria." Utica Observer, August 30, 1837.

Profession / Service
State Committees:
President of the Farmers' Loan & Trust Company of the city of New York

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