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William Shaw Brayton

Other Name:
Doctor William Shaw Brayton
November 24, 1907
Home Town:
Providence, RI
Clarissa Frances Brayton Bowen (October 28, 1867)
Biographical Notes:
    Doctor William Shaw Bowen studied medicine at Harvard. He worked as an ophthalmic and aural surgeon and as a medical writer for Transactions for the Rhode Island Medical Society. In 1867, Dr. Bowen became a correspondent for New York World under Joseph Pulitzer.
    As a new Yellow Journalist, he traveled all over the world covering many stories. In 1893, Dr. Bowen went to Hawaii to cover the 'Sugar Trust' negotiations between Queen Liliuokalani and the United States. He was accused of being a secret envoy for the U.S. Government by other news papers for his close relationship with President Truman. Dr. Bowen also covered the Spanish American War in 1898.
   Dr. Bowen retired to his home East Greenwich Rhode Island with ...

Other Education:
Harvard Medical School

Profession / Service
Doctor; Journalist

Secondary Sources:

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