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Frances Pollock Devereux

March 18, 1771
June 3, 1849
Later Residences:
New Bern, NC
Raleigh, NC
John Devereux (1790)
Biographical Notes:
Frances lived with mother in New Bern, NC, after her father, Thomas Pollock's, death in 1777. She met John Devereux after his vessel shipwrecked off the local coast. At that time, Frances was a wealthy heiress known as the "Spanish Galleon" for the immense portion of her father's estate she was due to receive either upon her marriage date or 21st birthday: 7500 "Spanish milled pieces of eight" as well as property in Elizabethtown after her mother's death. She was well known as a woman of "remarkable intellect" and was highly involved in the local Presbyterian Church.

Frances' brother, George Pollock, became one of the wealthiest men in NC, owning many plantations and over 1500 slaves. He, as well as her other two siblings, died without descendants and left immense amounts of property to her and her children.

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Secondary Sources:
"Introduction." Journal of a Secesh Lady: The Diary of Catharine Ann Devereux Edmondston. Ed. Beth G. Crabtree and James W. Patton. 3rd ed. Raleigh: North Carolina Division of Archives and History, 1995. Xi-Xxxvii. Print.

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