Beecher Family Photograph

Accession #:
3340 I522
Images of People
Held at:
Helga J. Ingraham Memorial Library, Litchfield Historical Society
Photograph of the Beecher family. From left to right, standing - Thomas, William, Edward, Charles and Henry Ward. Seated from left to right - Isabella (labeled Mrs. Hooker), Katherine,[sic] Lyman, Mary (labeled Mrs. Perkins) and Harriet (labeled Mrs. Stowe) James is not present in the photo but an oval profile picture is inserted into family portrait in bottom left hand corner. Individuals are labeled along the bottom and photo titled "The Beecher Family in 1857"

Two of Lyman Beecher's children are not pictured in this photo. George Beecher, his fifth child from his first marriage died in 1843 and Frederick Beecher, his first child from his second marriage died as a child in 1820. Of the children pictured, Catharine, William, Edward, Mary, Harriet, Henry Ward and Charles all attended the Litchfield Female Academy.

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