Mary Anna Whiting Boardman

Other Name:
Mary Whiting Boardman, Mary Anna Whiting
October 19, 1767
June 24, 1848
Home Town:
Great Barrington, MA
Elijah Boardman (September 25, 1792)
Biographical Notes:
Mary Anna Whiting Boardman was the daughter of Doctor William Whiting and Anna Mason Whiting. After receiving her early education in Great Barrington, she went to New Haven in the summer of 1785 where she received instruction from American geographer Jedediah Morse, who had established a school for young women a few years earlier. She returned to MA in the fall of the same year. She married Elijah Boardman on September 25, 1792 and continued to reside in Great Barrington for another year while her husband oversaw the construction of their home in New Milford. They had three sons and three daughters.
In the spring of 1823, she ventured west to Boardman, OH with her husband and son George. Another son, Henry, was living there with his wife. Elijah Boardman died on August 18, 1823 in Canfield, OH.

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