Elijah Boardman

March 7, 1760
August 18, 1823
Later Residences:
New Milford, CT
Mary Anna Whiting Boardman (September 25, 1792)
Biographical Notes:
Elijah Boardman (1760-1823) was the third son of deacon Sherman Boardman and Sarah Bostwick, of New Milford, Connecticut. As a boy, Boardman was educated under private tutors, and at age 16, he enlisted in the Continental regiment of Colonel Charles Webb. In March 1776, during the Revolutionary War, he was stationed in Long Island but his regiment left in October when the British took over the city. Boardman suffered from poor health and spent much of the war bed-ridden with a fever.

After the end of the Revolution Boardman trained as a clerk in New Haven, Connecticut, and then returned to his hometown of New Milford where he began a mercantile venture with his brother Daniel in 1781. The brothers' business thrived and through a network of trade offered goods from Europe and India ...

Other Education:
Private tutors

Profession / Service
Business; Political Office
Political Party:
Democratic Republican
Federal Posts:
U.S. Senator (CT) 1819-1821
State Posts:
State Representative Lower House (Connecticut) 1803-1805; 1816
State Representative Upper House (Connecticut) 181701819
State Senator (Connecticut) 1819-1821

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Secondary Sources:
Charlotte Goldthwaite, Boardman Genealogy (Hartford, 1895), p. 332-333.

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