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Dewitt Clinton

March 2, 1769
February 11, 1828
Home Town:
Little Britain, NY
Later Residences:
Albany, NY
Catherine Jones (May 15, 1832)
Maria Franklin Clinton (February 13, 1796)

Other Education:
Columbia University 1790

Profession / Service
Political Office; Lawyer
Admitted To Bar:
Training with Other Lawyers:
Samuel Jones 1786
Political Party:
Democratic Republican
Federal Posts:
U.S. Senator For New York (Washington D.C.) 1802-1803
Commissioner Commissoner of Erie Lake Canal (New York) 1810-1824
State Posts:
State Senator NY South District (New York) 1798-1802, 1806-1811
Lt. Governor (New York) 1811
State Committees:
New York State Assembly 1798
Delegate to New York State Constitutional Convention 1801
Member of Council of Appointments 1801-1802, 1806-1807
Local Posts:
Mayor (New York) 1803-1815
Benevolent and Charitable Organizations:
Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of New York 1806-1819
President of New York Historical Society 1804
Regent of University of New York 1808-1825
Vice President of American Antiquarian Society 1821-1828
Grand Master of The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar in the United States. 1816-1829

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