Maria Franklin Clinton

Other Name:
Maria Franklin
November 21, 1775
July 30, 1818
Home Town:
Dewitt Clinton (February 13, 1796)
Biographical Notes:
   Maria Franklin was the daughter of Quaker merchant, Walter Franklin and Mary Browne of Flushing. She was very beautiful and inherently wealthy. She married DeWitt Clinton in a small ceremony in 1796. Maria gave DeWitt ten children before she died shortly after the birth of their youngest daughter.
Dewitt Clinton wrote in his diary, "She retired to another and better world with characteristic fortitude, leaving an immedicabile vulnus in my heart, which will be felt with the continuance of life."

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Secondary Sources:
Cornog, Evan. The Birth of Empire: DeWitt Clinton and the American Experience, 1769-1828. New York: Oxford UP, 1998. 138. Print.

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