Benjamin Tallmadge

February 25, 1754
March 7, 1835
Home Town:
Brookhaven, NY
Mary Floyd Tallmadge (March 16, 1784)
Maria Hallett Tallmadge (May 3, 1808)
Biographical Notes:
Benjamin Tallmadge was born in Brookhaven, New York on February 25, 1784. His parents were Susannah and Reverend Benjamin Tallmadge. His father gave him a great education and later sent him to Yale in 1769. While at Yale, young Tallmadge met Nathan Hale, a man who later became a spy in the American Revolution.

In 1773, Tallmadge completed his studies and became a teacher in Wethersfield, Connecticut. As the American Revolution began, Tallmadge thought seriously of joining the war. Captain Chester of Wethersfield approached Tallmadge in 1776 for a Lieutenant position in one of the six-month Connecticut regiments. He accepted and participated in his first battle, the Battle of Long Island, which resulted in an English victory. His brother William was captured and Tallmadge wrote in ...
On February 21, 1824, Tallmadge wrote to his son-in-law, John P. Cushman, regarding a sexual affair between his female house servant and a Litchfield Law School student. He said:

I do not remember whether I informed you that our black Girl Mary had gone to N. York, where I presume She may commemorate our law School in due time, by exhibiting a Mongrel Mink.

-Tallmadge Collection

Other Education:
Yale, 1769

Profession / Service
Military; Political Office; Business; Trade; Land Surveyor
Political Party:

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