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Roxana Foote Beecher

Lyman Beecher (1799)
September 23rd - "when I returned home found Mrs. Beecher much worse but I had not any idea in the afternoon that her existence in this world would have been terminated that evening. But her sorrows are o'er she is now in a world where there will be no more sin. she will spend as glorious eternity with her Saviour who suffered so much for us miserable sinners. ... The children have met with a great loss a loss that never can be repaired. how little do they relize it at present. the small children never will realize it as much as the larger ones. it cannot be expected for they cannot remember their Mothers kindness. I think she was the most amiable Lady I ever saw." - Charlotte Smith (Charlotte Smith diary, 1816).
Additional Notes:
Charlotte Maria Smith, a boarder at the Beecher house in 1816, makes several mentions about Roxana's deteriorating health throughout her 1816 diary. Her entries for September 23-29 deal almost exclusively with Roxana's life, death, funeral, and burial.

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