Oliver Wolcott

November 20, 1726
December 1, 1797
Laura Collins Wolcott (January 21, 1755)
Biographical Notes:
Oliver Wolcott was born on November 20, 1726, the youngest child in a prominent Connecticut family. His father, Roger Wolcott, was one of the first governors of the colony of Connecticut. His mother was Sarah Drake. He had three brothers who survived childhood (Alexander, Josiah, and Erastus) and four sisters (Sarah, Hephzibah, Ursula, and Mariann). They lived in Windsor, Connecticut, where both of Oliver's parents grew up.

Wolcott graduated from Yale in 1747. Afterwards, he was a captain in the army and studied medicine with his brother Alexander. In 1751, he found his way to Litchfield once it was appointed as the county seat for Litchfield County. He was elected as the first Sheriff of Litchfield that same year. He was a representative of Litchfield in the General Assembly and ...

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Carley, Rachel. Litchfield: The Making of a New England Town. Connecticut: GHP, 2011.

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