Oliver Wolcott Jr.

January 11, 1760
June 1, 1833
Home Town:
Litchfield, CT
Later Residences:
Hartford, CT
Middletown, CT
Elizabeth Stoughton Wolcott (June 1, 1785)
Biographical Notes:
Oliver Wolcott, Jr. was the son of Oliver and Lorana (Collins) Wolcott. His father was Governor of Connecticut and one of the signers of both the Articles of Confederation and the Declaration of Independence.

Oliver Wolcott, Jr. graduated from Yale in 1778 and entered the Litchfield Law School, studying under Tapping Reeve. In 1781, he was admitted to the Bar and received a Master's degree from Yale.

In the summer of 1779, Wolcott joined the quartermaster's department of the Continental Army, likely assisted by his father who was in charge of army stores and ordinance in Litchfield. His new was his first experience with what would later become his career: organizing the financial affairs of his department as well as the provision and transportation of goods for the Army.

After ...
"The [judiciary must] be independent of the power or influence of the Legislative and Executive Departments in the expressions of judicial opinions." -- to William Tilghman, June 25, 1802

"The Southern Patriots-American Perserves will secure them independence." September 2 1816

Years at LLS:
Other Education:
Graduated from Yale College in 1778 and received an honorary LLD from Yale in 1819. He also received an honorary LLD from the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) in 1799.

Profession / Service
Political Office; Manufacturer; Business
Admitted To Bar:
Federal Posts:
Commissioner 1784
Comptroller of Public Accounts 1788-1789
Auditor for the U.S. Treasury Department 1789-1791
Comptroller of the U.S. Treasury Department 1791-1795
Secretary of the Treasury 1795-1800
Judge for the NY, CT, and VT circuits (NY,CT,VT) 1801-1802
Federal Committees:
Held a clerkship in the Committee of Pay-Table in 1781. Served as a Member of the Committee of Pay-Table in 1782.
State Posts:
Governor (CT) 1817-1828
State Committees:
President of the Connecticut Constitutional Convention in 1818.

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