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John Pierce Jr.

December 3, 1752
August 1, 1788
Home Town:
Litchfield, CT USA
Later Residences:
New York, NY USA
Ann Bard Pierce (November 6, 1786)
Biographical Notes:
John Pierce Jr. was the first and only son of John Pierce and Mary Paterson Pierce. He was born at his maternal grandfather's home in Farmington, Connecticut on December 3, 1752. Soon after his birth, his parents moved to Litchfield, Connecticut. In 1770 John Pierce, Jr.'s mother passed away. His father remarried two years later to Mary Goodman.

In 1775 Pierce joined the Continental Army. By 1776 he had become Assistant Paymaster General, and in 1779 was appointed to the position of Deputy Paymaster General. In 1781 he was named Paymaster General, and ably served his duty until his death in 1788. As Paymaster General John Pierce, Jr. oversaw the paying of more than 93,000 certificates amounting to more than 10 million dollars in deferred pay. Additionally, in 1781 Pierce was entrusted ...
"I have flattered myself that my business would have permitted me to visit my friends. and for a moment get away from the thorny and perplexed paths of a public life, but I cannot, and indeed, advantage might be taken of my absence to ruin me ... whim and injustice have induced some and perhaps my own unworthiness, others to write it. I thought that when I did justice to all and followed the strict line of integrity that then 'full sure my greatness would be ripening' - but such characters they oft must meet with disappointment and trouble - if I survive this war with reputation; joyfully in deed I will retire to my friends and domestic peace, and I bid a final adieu to ambition, and to the craft deceit and false friendships of a court."
- Letter, John Pierce, Jr. to Oliver Wolcott, Jr, 23 August 1782 (Connecticut Historical Society)

Profession / Service
Military; Political Office

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