Sarah Pierce

June 26, 1767
January 19, 1852
Home Town:
Litchfield, CT
Later Residences:
Litchfield, CT
Biographical Notes:
Sarah Pierce was born in Litchfield, Connecticut on June 26, 1767. She was the youngest of Mary Paterson Pierce and John Pierce’s seven children. Sarah’s mother died when she was only three years old. Her father remarried two years later and had three more children with his new wife. The Pierce children were frequently surrounded by highly educated individuals, as John Pierce was heavily involved in education. Sarah Pierce’s step-mother pushed all her children to pursue their education to the fullest extent. Sarah attended a dame school at the age of four or five, which led to her to admire many of her female teachers.

After the passing of her father in 1783, John Pierce Jr. was responsible for the family’s survival. With a step-mother and nine younger siblings, John needed assistance ...
"Compliment for a Serenade"
When tired with dancing I retired to bed
My drosy eyes with welcome sleep were blest
Me thought my soul of Earth had bid farewell
And now in Paradice had come to dwell
While won'dring what kind angel brought me here
The sound of sweetest music reached my ear
Such as the heavenly hims of Paradice
Play to departed souls who free from vice
Have safe arrived upon that blissful shore
Where hapiness awaits them evermore
--Ye heavenly powers who hear my prayer
Grant me the art to join this heavenly choir
Tis what I never could obtain below
The music ceased and seemed to answer NO.
Sighing I waked the visions disappeared
But pleased I found the heavenly music here.

Poem written to ...
Additional Notes:
Pierce very frequently entertained Litchfield Law School students and supervised the social events. If displeased by a student's behavior, she would ban him from calling at the house. It was said that "to be denied admission to Miss Sally Pierce's parlor was the deepest disgrace which could befall a young man."

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